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Imagine having your favourite breakfast with a glass of papaya or melon juice. Ah, so refreshing! Isn’t it? Breakfast is your first meal of the day, so everyone should ensure they make healthy breakfast choices. You could follow that with a fresh juice such as papaya and melons. Papaya, a very popular fruit, offers many health benefits. The best part is that it is available throughout the year. So, you will never have to choose anything else over papaya. SPAR provides the freshest papayas and melons online. You can shop for it anytime and be sure to receive fresh fruits right to your doorstep. In some parts of the country, people cook raw papaya. You can find many recipes on YouTube as well. Talking about recipes online, you could also find mouth-watering milkshake recipes online, be it papaya or watermelon. And if you are looking for shops that sell the best watermelons, then SPAR is your go-to place. Watermelon online shopping is done easily with SPAR. You will find organic seeded watermelons on SPAR. Since a lot of people opt for organic food, SPAR also has an organic section in our store, you can check for the availability of organic seeded watermelons when you feel like buying fruits online.

The Raw Papaya Online Shop

Our raw papaya online shop has the best quality papayas you will find. This is a great way to indulge in eating healthy. If you are bored of eating cut pieces of papaya, as fresh juice or milkshake, you can surely have it in the form of delicious curry. It goes very well with chapati and rice. This flavoursome and versatile fruit offers many benefits such as improving heart health, digestion and protects against skin damage. This tropical fruit is loaded with Fiber, Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Folate (Vitamin B9). It also contains healthy antioxidants known as carotenoids. Suddenly craving for it? Buy organic papaya online today from SPAR’s online hypermarket. You don’t have to step out and wait in the queue for hours together. Go, place your order now!

Watermelon Online Shopping — SPAR

Unlike papaya, this refreshing fruit is not found throughout the year. This large fruit offers various benefits like treating sunstroke, hypertension and pharyngitis to name a few. It is low in calories and is a good snack. Buy organic watermelon online from SPAR. You will easily find a watermelon weighing 2.5 kg for just Rs. 55/- on SPAR. The online store has a range of organic fruits and vegetables straight from the field. For all the health enthusiasts out there, order fresh organic watermelons & papayas from SPAR to prepare a healthy fresh fruit salad that will instantly refresh you.

Delivering in 9 Cities

SPAR delivers papaya and melons in 9 major cities: Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurugram, and Ghaziabad. We carefully sort, check and pack the papaya and melons. You can schedule your deliveries according to how fast you need them. We also offer same-day delivery to all our customers. In case you haven’t heard, we also accept cards on delivery, applicable on all orders. We make it a point to follow all the safety measures to ensure that your order reaches you on time. Our delivery agents’ temperature is recorded daily to ensure their safety as well as yours.