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Fruits & Vegetables

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Can you imagine a meal that doesn’t include fruits and vegetables? Not really, right? While they might be people who could go through the day without indulging in fruits, but not veggies for sure. Buy vegetables online and save yourself the time of actually stepping out and picking up the veggies you require. Whether you need fruits or vegetables, SPAR’s online store has it all. We have a wide range of fruits and vegetables online and the quality will not be compromised. You can save up big when you opt to buy fruits and vegetables online instead of walking into our physical stores. We have deals on different items every day. We guarantee the freshness and the quality of our produce. From leafy vegetables (lettuce & spinach) to roots (Potato, Sweet Potato & Yam) and Cruciferous (Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower) to Edible Plant Stem (Celery & Asparagus), you will find everything on SPAR’s online supermarket available at great prices.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of our everyday diet. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, and considered to be extremely healthy. To have an active and healthy lifestyle, you need to eat healthy as well. A well-balanced diet to reach this goal is ideal. Most of the times, the fruits or veggies you are searching for isn’t available at the stores. Whereas, when you buy fruits and vegetables online you see what is available and can schedule your order accordingly. And when buying fruits or veggies online you don’t have to worry about carrying a bag and go through the struggle of carrying the bag home, everything is delivered to your doorstep at just a click of the button.

Farmers Market

Our very own ‘Farmers Market’ section offers fresh fruits and vegetables that are directly procured from the farmers and transported to our SPAR collection centres. The local produce is then checked and graded, after which it is quickly distributed to all the SPAR stores in India. The SPAR team present at these collection centres ensure the produce is of good quality and most importantly that is fresh. Our team aims at providing our costumers with the best produce to place on the table.

Buy Fruits & Vegetables Online from SPAR

SPAR ensures hygiene is taken care of at every level. While we ensure you get the best quality and fresh produce, we also take hygiene and packaging seriously, as these two play a vital role. Especially, packaging, when it comes to ordering online. If the packaging isn’t done right the fruits and vegetables can get spoilt. At SPAR, we take the packaging of fruits and vegetables earnestly. It is upon us to deliver the produce in the best condition. You deserve the best, so we make certain that the best reaches you. The fruits and vegetables reach you are as fresh as it was when procured from the farmers.

Fruits and Vegetables Available on SPAR

Crave for it? We have it. It’s that simple!

We have a range of categories for fruits and vegetables:

- Apples
- Bananas
- Citrus Fruits
- Cut Vegetables & Salads
- Exotic Fruits
- Festival Items
- Fresh Vegetables
- Mangoes
- Organic Fruits and Vegetables
- Papaya & Melons
- Seasonal Fruits
- Gardening

We have brands such as Max, Max Premium, Max Value, SPAR, Sproutamins, Ta-Daa, Zespri and others on our online store. Our gardening category includes products such as potmix, fertilizer, cocopeat, flower mix, supplements blended for roses and other similar products. We also have cut vegetables and sprouts available, so that you can skip the tedious process of cutting and chopping vegetables, straight dive into cooking them. The entire process of soaking and waiting for the seeds to sprout is done and dusted by us, all you need to do is wash and season it. Voila! It is ready to have.

Delivering in 9 Cities

SPAR delivers fresh fruits and vegetables in 9 major cities: Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurugram and Ghaziabad. We carefully sort, check and grade the local produce that reaches our collection centres straight from the farmers. You can schedule your deliveries according to how fast you need it. We also, offer same-day delivery to all our customers. In case you haven’t heard, we have free delivery on all orders. We are making it a point that all the safety measures are followed to ensure that your order reaches you on time. Our delivery agents’ temperature is recorded on a daily basis to ensure their safety as well as yours.