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SPAR Hypermarkets in India is a result of a strategic partnership between Dubai based Landmark Group's Max Hypermarkets India Pvt. Ltd. & Amsterdam based SPAR International. The company started with one store in 1932 and now comprises of 12,500+ stores in 44 countries across 4 continents. The success story of SPAR has been underpinned by a set of values that have guided the organization since its inception which was more than 80 years ago. At the heart of these core values is the commitment of SPAR stores worldwide towards Freshness, Choice, Value, & Service.

SPAR India currently has 23 stores across 9 cities; Bengaluru, Mangalore, Shimoga, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurugram, & Ghaziabad.

Our Vision is to be the most engaging and innovative hypermarket in India, making a difference in the lives of teams, customers, communities and shareholders, Everyday!

Freshness has always been a prime focus area and a competitive strength for SPAR. We have pioneered processes, practices, & supply chain techniques that help maintain and boost freshness at all SPAR India stores. We believe in offering the freshest of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat & poultry products, sourced locally or imported, for all our customers - whether they walk in or buy them at our online store - www.sparindia.com. To uphold our value of Freshness, we introduced a 'Farmers Market' section where local produce is procured directly from the farmers and transported to SPAR collection centers. Here, the produce is graded and delivered to all SPAR stores within short span of time, ensuring freshness. We also introduced a section called 'Freshly' which provides value-added services to our customers. Here, they can get fresh fruit juices, salads, and other food items which are freshly made for them.

SPAR India has always been focused on providing the best value to its customers. Exclusive offers & best prices give our customers more than one reason to come back for more. Whether it is about daily needs at guaranteed lowest prices, savings on special products under Super Savers Offers, getting the most out of new & clearance sales, or savings on SPAR Private Label Products with 'Save With SPAR Offers', we have something for everyone, so that our customers go back home with a valuable shopping experience.

We also make sure that our customers feel spoilt for choice by providing a wide variety of products; Fruits & Vegetables, Beverages, Grocery, Meat, Fish & Poultry, Dairy, Apparels, Plastics, Utensils, & Crockery, Home Furnishing etc. This gives our customers the opportunity to pick from a wide assortment of products & benefit from it. Our 'Taste the World' section allows customers to enjoy variety of cuisines from all over the world. Our 'Taste Of India' section offers local Indian flavours from across the county.

Offering the best service is at the heart of everything we do at SPAR India. Our customer service Call Centre is also available from 11 am to 8 pm every day. Technological advancements are shaping the retail industry in an inspiring way and we focus on deploying the right technology to enhance the overall shopping experience. When it comes to customer value, we have progressed in leaps & bounds. The exclusive SPAR Studio enables every customer to reimagine their new home décor and the Self-Checkout Kiosks help customers jump the queue and checkout independently & faster.

We at SPAR India are focused on extending the offline shopping experience to the online shopper at www.sparindia.com. Our e-commerce website is aimed at providing the convenience of shopping from anywhere, at any time. We make no compromises when it comes to 100% Order Fulfilment, On-time Delivery, and Easy Returns. Our 'Call & Order' facility is available every day of the week for our Bangalore & Mangalore stores between 10 am to 7 pm. We also have an exclusive app which provides our customers a convenient platform to shop from.

Innovation: A way of life at SPAR

Our stores are equipped with smart technology to provide world-class service to our customers. We have created a food kiosk - this star-studded interactive technology provides customers with delicious recipes with a simple click. The platform lists essential ingredients and required measurements so that the customer can get a more focused shopping experience. Our self-assist kiosks come with a call facility. These kiosks are available across the store which helps the customer to locate the exact aisle and shelf, thereby cutting down idle store time. It is inbuilt with a call facility which enables customer call support. The call facility sends an immediate intimation to the nearest store assistant, thereby not leaving the customer unattended.

Long queues consume one's family's precious time, especially during the holiday season. Keeping this in mind, SPAR India developed a Q Buster solution. To customer's delight, self-checkout kiosks have now become a reality through online & offline modes. Now, customers, can themselves scan the items, and pay for them without having to stand in long queues.

For the first time in the retail space, a brand has ventured into the local hawker market with a purpose to organize the unorganized sector. SPAR India collaborated with push-cart vendors of various localities to introduce SPAR on Wheels. The pilot project in Bangalore operates with a 'Click & Collect' business model, which helps you get fresh fruits and vegetables right at our customers' doorstep. All they need to do is order their essentials online.

At SPAR India, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and innovating. To cater to the new generation of customers we evolved our store design. Some of these developments are:

  • Grandma's Corner - A place for spices, pickles and all things nostalgic
  • Wonder Years - Kids section for your little wonder
  • Milkyway - An exclusive section for everyday dairy needs
  • Home Sweet Home - A dedicated area for all home décor requirements
  • SPAR Natural - A concept which offers organic produce for the customer

Apart from these exclusive segments, we also house our private label products, which include provisions such as groceries, cereals, home needs, and more.

In conjunction with Landmark Group's loyalty program, SPAR stores in India operate Landmark Rewards.

Landmark Rewards is a truly personalized rewards program where one can enrol for free with just their mobile number, when they shop at any of the Landmark Group stores in India. The new program comes with a host of benefits like:

  1. Free enrolment
  2. Earn & Spend points at all the Landmark Group stores in India
  3. Personalized offers
  4. Exclusive store promotions
  5. End of season sale preview
  6. Birthday bonus points
  7. Out of store offer

With Landmark Rewards, members can earn and spend points at all the Landmark Group stores in India which includes SPAR Hypermarkets, Lifestyle, Home Centre, Max Fashion, Splash Fashion, Melange, Krispy Kreme & Fun City.

We believe it is the powerful combination of all our services & the convenience we provide to our customers, which makes them come back every time. Our goal is to help our customers and their families to enjoy a healthier life, by spending less, and smiling more!

Great Value. Great Quality

SPAR Private Label Products are aimed at providing the best value for money. They significantly enhance consumer’s affordability without compromising on the product quality. We believe in offering maximum value to our customers. Be it a packed product or a loose commodity, the consumer is always a winner at SPAR.

SPAR Private Label Products are manufactured, processed & repacked under the most hygienic conditions. Our vendor facilities are ISO & HACCP Certified. All production units are regularly monitored and supervised by SPAR QA Team. This ensures that our customers get the best quality products consistently.

Our Private Labels include:
  1. SPAR Select - that promises to provide premium & handpicked products exclusively selected for customers
  2. SPAR - which promises quality products at affordable prices. A value-for-money deal, where one can enjoy great products at exciting prices
  3. Best Price - promises to be best in pricing; a competitive range to enjoy great savings every day.
Our Private label Product range includes:
  • FMCG Food (Breakfast Cereals, Culinary range, Beverages, Snacks and more)
  • FMCG Non- Food (Home Cleaning, Serving Needs, Puja Needs, Personal Care and more)
  • Grocery (Flours, Spices, Ready Masalas, Dry fruits, Instant Mixes, Condiments, Oils and more)
  • F & V (Seasonal & Exotic Packed Fruits & Vegetables)
  • F & M (Eggs, Fresh Packed Meat & Poultry)
  • Food Solutions (Packed Bakery Products)
  • Home Furnishing (Home Décor, Bath Accessories, Floormats, Cushions, Comforters, Carpets and more)
  • General Merchandise (Kitchen tools, Kitchen & Dining, Cookware, Containers, Bottles, Cutlery and more)
SPAR BG Road Mall
Bannerghatta road,
Bangalore - 560029,
+91- 8095285566
SPAR Vegacity Mall
Bannerghatta road,
Bangalore - 560029,
SPAR Mantri Mall
Bangalore - 560003,
080- 39378500
SPAR Signature Gopalan Mall
Old Madras Road,
Bangalore - 560016,
080- 25242433
SPAR Elements Mall
Nagavar village,
Bangalore - 560077,
080- 67294040
SPAR Oasis center Mall
Bangalore - 560034,
080- 25507040
SPAR RMZ Galleria Store, Yelahanka
Bangalore - 560064,
080- 68137477
SPAR FORUM Shantiniketan Store
Bangalore - 560067, +91 9945703600
SPAR SLN Terminus mall
Gachibowli Village,
Hyderabad - 500032,
040- 67684288
SPAR Paradise Mall
Hyderabad - 500076,
040- 27171718
SPAR Oasis Mall
Hyderabad - 500016,
040- 30661641
SPAR Prestige Sujana Forum Mall
Kukatpally Balanagar Mandal,
Hyderabad - 500072,
040- 30534073
SPAR Sharath City Capital Mall
Whitefields, Kondapur
Hyderabad - 500084
Store Contact: +919676282288
Haryana - 122002,
0124- 2388420
SPAR Gaur Central Mall (RDC),
Raj Nagar,
Ghaziabad (U.P) - 201001,
0120- 2824992
SPAR World Square Mall
Mohan nagar,
Ghaziabad (U.P) - 201007,
0120- 2657626
SPAR Pacific Mall
Subhash Nagar,
New Delhi - 110018,
011- 45390600
SPAR City Centre Mall
K S Rao Road,
Mangalore - 575001,
SPAR Prestige Forum Mall
Pandeswara Road,
Mangalore - 575001,
0824- 2498123
SPAR Bearys City Center,
S N Market,
Shivamogga - 577201,
SPAR Forum Mall
Chennai - 600026,
044- 66528403
SPAR VR Mall Store,
Chennai - 600040,
+91- 7337885299
SPAR Brookfields Mall
Coimbatore - 641001,
0422- 3006591
SPAR Prozone Mall
Coimbatore - 641035,
0422- 6628162

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